Kumho Academy - Module 3
Telephone Sales Techniques

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Module 3 Test

* Required

Book in book (hard copy or computer)
Pattern guides (hard copy or computer)
Price list (hard copy or computer)
all of the above


Thank you for calling
Name of store
Your name
A smile
All of the above

Listen to what the customer is looking for
Offer your latest specials
Talk about how nice the weather is
All of the above

Yes I have the cheapest tyres in town in that size
Come in tomorrow and we’ll look after you
You don’t need that; you need….
Sure I can help you with that. I just need to ask 3 quick questions

What is the type of car and year model?
What brand of tyres do you have on the vehicle now
What type of driving do you do
All of the above

Quote on the products you believe best suit the customer and explain why
Offer to show the customer the tyres when they come in
Attempt to book a mutually beneficial time for the customer to come to the store
All of the above

Thank the customer for calling
State that you look forward to seeing them at the agreed time
Write down the customer’s details and the tyres spoken about in your book-in book
All of the above